‘Supergirl’ Boss Explains Why It’s The Right Time For Superman To Join The Series

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Fans flipped when The CW announced that the Girl of Steel would finally come face to face with her cousin Clark (Tyler Hoechlin) on season two of Supergirl and now, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg is opening up about why it’s the perfect time for these two characters to team up.

In a new interview with IGN, Kreisberg revealed that the reason they didn’t introduce Superman into the series in season one is because it was very important to show that Kara was capable of saving herself and National City on her own.

“I think we’ve spent a year establishing her, and the year ended triumphantly with her saving the world, so there wasn’t any doubt that Supergirl couldn’t do it on her own,” explained Kresiberg. “It felt like you weren’t bringing him in to save the day.”

The executive producer also revealed that the plan was always to introduce Superman to the series in season 2 — even before the show made the jump from CBS to The CW.

“You want to come out of the gate strong, whether it was getting people who would watch the show who had given up on it, or people who’d watched the show all year and said, ‘Great, I’ve had enough,’” said Kreisberg of kicking season 2 off with a bang. “[Superman] felt like the best way to do that. We felt like we had an interesting, unique take on Superman because the show is viewed through the prism of Supergirl.”

Now that we’ve heard Kreisberg’s explanation for incorporating Clark into Kara’s world, we’re even more excited to see Tyler Hoechlin’s take on the Man of Steel!

Supergirl season 2 premieres on The CW on Monday, Oct. 10.

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