Extended ‘The Flash’ Season 3 Teaser Proves There’s No One Faster Than Barry Allen

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The CW just unveiled a brand new extended promo for season 3 of The Flash and it really puts an emphasis on just how much has changed in Central City now that Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) has altered the timeline!

The clip is actually an extended version of the “Time Strikes Back” trailer The CW released last month, but even so, it does contain quite a bit of new material.

One of the scenes we didn’t get last time was that of Barry having a conversation with Reverse-Flash. After Barry realizes that a lot has changed since he made the choice to save his mother from ever dying in the first place, there’s a moment in which Reverse-Flash puts the consequences of Barry’s actions into perspective for him.

“Your original life, your friends, your family, will fade away ,” says the villain from behind bars.

From there, we get a heartbreaking shot of Iris (Candice Patton), who doesn’t doesn’t recognize Barry at all in this new timeline. We also get a quick flash of Barry using the speed force, something that’s bound to get fans excited for the upcoming season premiere.

It looks a though there’ll be a lot on the line for Barry Allen when the series picks back up again and it’s definitely got us counting down the days until The Flash returns!

The Flash season 3 premiers on The CW Tuesday, Oct. 4..

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