‘Wolverine 3’ Will Finally Introduce Villain Mister Sinister

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X-Men fans wondering who Logan could be facing off against in Wolverine 3 need only look to X-Men: Apocalypse for answers.

When the upcoming third installment of Wolverine series hits theaters, fans will get to see the clawed mutant face off against infamous X-Men villain Mister Sinister.

Cinema Blend reports that confirmation of Mister Sinister’s involvement comes directly from director Bryan Singer and producer Simon Kinberg, who sat down to record the audio commentary together for the X-Men: Apocalypse DVD.

In it, Kinberg and Singer take viewers through the interesting post-credits scene that plays at the end of the film where we see a group of men cleaning up the aftermaths of what happened at the Weapon X facility at Lake Alkai. Things get interesting when one man picks up a tube labeled “Weapon X DNA” and puts it in a briefcase. Shortly after, we are let in on the fact that all of these men happen to work for Essex Corp.

Fans of the X-Men comics were understandably excited when the huge revelation was made because Essex Corp is owned by none other than Nathaniel Essex, better known by his alias, Mister Sinister.

From there, it wasn’t hard for fans to connect the dots and theorize over Mister Sinister’s involvement, but Singer officially confirmed that including Essex Corp into the post-credit scene was a way to tease the villain’s involvement in Wolverine 3.

In the comics, Mister Sinister is notorious for conducting experiments that involve cloning and gene splicing. Now that his men have presumably gotten a hold of some of Wolverine’s DNA, we’ll be looking forward to see how that ties into the plot of Wolverine 3.

(H/T: Cinema Blend)

Wolverine 3 is set to hit theaters in 2017.

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