First ‘Once Upon A Time’ Season 6 Photos Show Storybrooke’s Hereos Dealing With A Crash Landing

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Once Upon a Time returns for its sixth season in less than two weeks, and we can barely contain our excitement. The ABC hit show left us with a major cliffhanger last season, with another portal jump, and now there are finally photos from the upcoming season, showing that Storybrooke’s newest visitors’ arrival wasn’t all smooth sailing.

When we left Storybrooke, the show’s leading characters were reunited after Snow White (Mary Margret), Prince Charming (David), Hook and Zelena jumped through a portal and finally escaped The Land of Untold Stories, but from the looks of it, they weren’t the only people to leave that world.

In fact, these new photos hint that the characters from The Land of Untold Stories had a bit of a harsh landing when they hit the town, but where are all the characters? The pics definitely show that OUAT’s heroes are concerned with the foreign ship that has crashed and burned in the woods outside their town, but there is no inkling of which characters came on the ship and what will happen now that they are there.

What we do know is that episode one is called “The Savior,” and Emma Swan (played by Jennifer Morrison) is still rocking her red leather jacket, which basically means she is invincible. There is also proof that Dr. Jekyll safely escaped his prison and his other half, Mr. Hyde, but if you remember correctly, Hyde didn’t die and therefore we know we haven’t seen the last of him!

The teaser photos also show, Snow ready to fight anything that gets in her way, holding her famous bow and arrow as well as an image of Pongo! Okay, so Pongo isn’t hugely important, but who doesn’t love seeing one of the Dalmatians running around Storybrooke?

If these photos aren’t enough to tide you over until Sept. 25, TVLine previously reported that this season will in fact talk about The Land of Untold Stories and their arrival will be rocky.

It “might be a gain, or it might be a loss — it depends on the character,” the show’s creator, Adam Horowitz, told the publication. “There are some who will definitely need Emma and the heroes’ help, and there are some who will be looking to darker forces,” show creator, Eddy Kitsis added.

According to the official episode synopsis, the Season 6 premiere will also introduce the characters of Aladdin (played by Deniz Akdeniz) and Jafar (Oded Fehr), in a flashback, as the heroes set out to stop Hyde, and Rumple tries to bring Belle back from the sleeping curse she willingly entered into last season. So much drama!

Once Upon a Time premieres Sept. 25, on ABC at 8 p.m.

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