The Latest ‘Trolls’ Trailer Is Surprisingly Emotional

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Trolls has officially released its second trailer, but this one is not as happy and upbeat as the original video. Instead, the latest teaser focuses on more heartfelt moments and it’s totally emotional.

DreamWorks released their second look at the upcoming film Trolls, which focuses on Poppy, the happiest of all the trolls, voiced by Anna Kendrick, and Branch, the opposite of his partner, voiced by Justin Timberlake, as they set out to help save the troll population from the evil, Bergen.

“This is a story about happiness, how far some will go to get it, and how far we went to get it back,” Poppy says as a montage of their adventures play out and we get a better look at what’s to come from the animated flick.

In the new trailer, we also get a snapshot of the happiness we saw in the first trailer, with a clip of Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling,” playing in the background, but there’s another song featured in this teaser that’s much deeper and pulls at your heartstrings.



When Poppy is down on her luck and grey, both literally and figuratively, Branch starts singing to her a heartfelt rendition of “True Colors.” Warning, you might actually get goosebumps while watching this part.

As Branch is singing, Poppy lights up (pink, obviously) and then you begin to see the other trolls light up their respective colors and literally let their true colors show. It is really beautiful and makes us want to see this movie even more.

In between the touching animated clips there are also snippets of interviews with both Kendrick and Timberlake that help you get a better feel for what the movie is truly about and why music is so important to this story.

“I think music adds so much to animation. I just think they belong together,” the Pitch Perfect actress says. “The Bergens gather the trolls that they’ve caught, and it’s the music that rescues them,” Timberlake adds.

Music, colorful singing trolls and JT with our favorite Barden Bella? Sign us up to see this film ASAP!

Trolls hits theaters on Nov. 4. Check out the trailer above.

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