The Winner Of The Most Beloved Female TV Character From The ’00s Onwards Poll Is…

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You cast your votes  (7.7 million votes to be exact!) and we’ve been counting the ballots. Now, the results are finally in. After months of wondering which amazing female character from the ’00s is truly the “most beloved,” the answer you’ve all been waiting for and wondering about is set in stone and we can’t wait to share it with you.

Our poll began back in July and now that it’s officially fall TV time, what better way to celebrate than by announcing your favorite and most loved female character in a drama or dramedy? So, enough with all the small talk, the winner of “Most Beloved” female TV character from the ‘00s onwards is… Root from Person of Interest!

While The Vampire Diaries’ Elena Gilbert (played by Nina Dobrev) definitely gave the computer hacker a run for her money with 21.72 percent of the votes adding up to 1.6 million votes, Root prevailed for a variety of reasons with a whopping 60.46 percent of the votes, which comes out to roughly 4.6 million people deciding that she’s No.1. So, why does Root (originally born Samantha Groves and played by Amy Acker) hold such a special place in TV fans’ hearts? For starters she is totally tough.

If her confidence and strength isn’t enough of a reason to love her, she’s also a wiz kid. Sure, Root isn’t gracing our TV screens right now, but her ability to kick butt, stand up for herself, hang tough with the guys and hack her way through life, makes it possible for her to stay alive in fans’ hearts and minds.



To see where your favorite female from the 2000s and onward landed on the list, check out the full results above. Even if your number one TV role model or ideal BFF didn’t take home the prize, we’re all winners here, because there are SO many amazing female characters on TV these days. If only these women existed in real life, man, that would be so great.

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