Ariana Grande is Already Working On Music for Her Next Album

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Though it’s only been a few months since Ariana Grande dropped her third album, the singer has revealed she’s already working on new music. Does this girl ever take a break?

The 23-year-old crooner, who released Dangerous Woman in May, visited Ryan Seacrest on Wednesday to do his radio show, On Air with Ryan Seacrest, and talked all about her upcoming tour and the fact there is no rest for her when it comes to making music and doing what she loves.

Grande’s fans will be very happy in 2017, because she is officially going back on tour and will be stateside starting on February 2, in Phoenix, Arizona. While touring is great news, fans should be prepared for a different kind of show this time around. Don’t worry, it’s a good kind of different.

“It’s going to be very different from my last tour. I’m going to be doing the whole album, which is great,” Grande explained on the radio. “I’m excited to do that and then I really want to experiment with playing little bits of what I’ve been creating recently for my fans, and kind of like getting their feedback and sharing that with them.”

Ah, experimenting with new things? This is SO exciting for Ari fans everywhere. Even better news however, is that the “Into You” singer isn’t just working on fun things for the tour, she’s focusing on fresh music as well for her next studio album, which is insane and yet totally awesome.

“I thought that since I just put a new album out that I wouldn’t be able to start new music,” she revealed. “But, I hadn’t really left the studio and I’ve been making lots of great music, and been inspired, and it’s been feeling so good.”

Could this inspiration be thanks to her new relationship with Mac Miller? While the Scream Queens actress hasn’t said who, or what, is inspiring her new music, she did just recently collaborate with her boyfriend on “My Favorite Part,” for his fourth album, The Divine Feminine, so all signs are pointing to yes.

If you’d rather see Grande on the small screen instead of on tour (or you could do both), the singer is also going to mixing her two loves, music and acting on Hairspray Live! in December, so mark your calendars!

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