Jennifer Lawrence Teams Up With Chris Pratt In The First ‘Passengers’ Trailer

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It’s finally here! The trailer for Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt’s new sci-fi film, Passengers, has officially been released and it was worth the wait.

The first look at the futuristic film is giving us major Hunger Games meets Guardians of the Galaxy vibe and we’re definitely on board. While this movie is really nothing like those two films, it does include action and intensity like both movies do, and a struggle to survive, so it could be compared to the two actor’s most recent/notable works.

So what is Passengers actually about? Well, the trailer begins with Pratt’s character, Jim Preston, programing a robot to bring Lawrence’s character, Aurora, a note asking her out on a date. We almost forgot to mention, in addition to being a sci-fi, action film, Passengers is a romance – a very good romance, so be prepared to swoon a little bit.

Aurora agrees to the date and as they are out at a bar, she cracks jokes and shows off her personality as the bartender (played by Michael Sheen) serves them. The bartender, we quickly discover, is a robot and the two lead characters are living on a spaceship alone. In fact, we learn that they were woken up prematurely from hibernation and are now the only two humans residing on the spacecraft that carries 5,000 people, who are still suspended in animation.



The Sony Pictures teaser also reveals that not only is it unknown why they are the only ones awake, but they woke up 90 years too soon, when they were supposed to wake up with everyone else on a new planet in another century.

Although Jim and Aurora seem to get over the fact that they are alive and everyone is basically dead in a world full of robots suspending in space, they have a bigger problem to deal with. Their ship starts to malfunction and they must do everything in their power to save themselves and the craft.

As you watch the action-packed trailer, and see the two leads do everything to survive, including jump out into space together, you can see they are definitely falling in love as the danger level increases. The only downside is that Jim knows why they woke up early! Just as he’s about to reveal what really happened, the trailer ends, hooking us in even deeper.

Passengers hits theaters December 21

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