Watch Ellen DeGeneres Scare The Music Right Out Of Carrie Underwood

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Ellen DeGeneres is well known for making her unsuspecting celebrity guests scream, but her latest scare prank on Carrie Underwood definitely takes the cake!

The country crooner recently swung by The Ellen Show last week where the pair reminisced over the fact that Underwood’s visit marked her 10th appearance on the show. The duo even shared an adorable throwback photo taken during Underwood’s first appearance on the show after she’d just won American Idol.

“We were babes— we were just little babes, right after Idol],” said Underwood of her first appearance on the talk show. Unbeknownst to her, Ellen was planning on making the singer’s milestone visit to the show one she would never forget.

“I feel like I should give you a gift of some sort— I don’t know what it should be,” mused DeGeneres.



It’s then, that a man dressed in a hockey uniform bursts from the side table, effectively giving Underwood the scare of a lifetime. It’s safe to say her reaction is priceless!

“Oh my gosh!” screams the singer before bursting into a fit of giggles.

“You see? He was dressed like your husband,” quipped DeGeneres, in reference to hockey player Mike Fisher.

Check out the clip of Carrie Underwood getting scared for yourself above!

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