‘One Tree Hill’ Star Bethany Joy Lenz Responds To Sophia Bush’s Request To Have Her Appear On ‘Chicago P.D.’ (INTERVIEW)

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It’s been four years since we’ve seen Sophia Bush and Bethany Joy Lenz together on WB/CW’s One Tree Hill as clothing designer Brooke Davis and musician/teacher extraordinaire Haley James Scott, respectively, and that means we’re due for a reunion.

Though a full-on back-at-the-river-court, dancing-at-Tric One Tree Hill reunion may not be on the horizon, that doesn’t mean we can’t get our fix of B. Davis and Tutor Girl elsewhere, say in Chicago?

When we spoke with Bush on the red carpet for An Evening with Dick Wolf at PaleyFest back in March 2016, we asked which former OTH costar she’d love to have on Chicago P.D. She picked none other than Bethany Joy Lenz!


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"I think it would be fun to have [Bethany Joy Lenz] come work with us," Bush revealed. "I just feel like she could play some crazy role and nail it."

To move things along and keep the hope alive of having a former One Tree Hill resident meet up with Bush in Chicago P.D., we figured we'd to a little detective work ourselves and question Lenz about it when we caught up with her at the InsideOTH Convention back in July.

"That's awesome," Lenz told People's Choice. "I would love to be on Chicago P.D., are you kidding me?"

We'd like to take this moment to assure everyone that we would not kid about something as serious as an OTH TV reunion.

While the reunion hasn't happened yet and the actresses haven't shared the screen in four years, it looks like the former costars are still in sync, as Lenz went on to describe the role she'd like to play on the series, mirroring Bush's sentiment of wanting to have her play a "crazy" role.

"Can I play like a crazy homeless woman that looks like she came off of Grey Gardens and wears like curlers in her hair?" Lenz said as she brainstormed role ideas. "What would I do? If I was gonna be on that show I'd want to do something insane. It would be really fun."

It's settled then. Lenz shall book a flight to Chicago, meet up with Bush, and make all of our dreams come true.

You can catch Sophia Bush in the season premiere of Chicago P.D. tonight (Sept. 21) on NBC at 10pm and Bethany Joy Lenz in Colony when it returns for season 2!

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