Why Didn’t We Ever See Beans’ Parents On ‘Even Stevens’?

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It’s been more than 10 years since Even Stevens went off the air and there is still one thing I don’t quite understand. Why didn’t anyone question where Beans’ parents were? Like, ever?

For those of you who obsessively watched Even Stevens, as I did with all of my brothers every week back in the day, the sibling dynamic between Ren (played by Christy Carlson Romano) and Louis Stevens (played by Shia LaBeouf) was dead on, but their interactions with their strange neighbor (played by Steven Anthony Lawrence) never really made sense, especially because you never saw his parents.

Seriously, where were they? They didn’t care that Beans frequently went missing and turned up at the Stevens’ residence? That’s just bizarre and terrible parenting, I might add. Beans was younger then all of the Stevens children, and even though at times he was smarter than Donny — which isn’t saying much — he was still way too young to be on his own so often.

While he was clearly supposed to be the weird character that was also elusive, like Kramer on Seinfeld, looking back I still don’t get where his parents were supposed to be. Were they always out of town on business, so Beans’ babysitter allowed him to run around freely? Or, were they home all day and he got on their nerves so allowing him to sneak in to the Stevens’ house and bug Louis was their escape? I have so many questions!

The biggest question is how the Sacramento-based family as a whole rarely seemed to care if Beans’ parents knew what he was doing. They cared way more about the strange things he did, which I get because he had a creepy ability of knowing when the family was making bacon. Plus, he blew Louis’ cover when the guys were spying on Ren’s sleepover and frequently messed up Louis’ life, so their focus would naturally be shifted. The Stevens, however, rarely mentioned Beans’ home life and his elusive parents.

It’s a mystery that has bugged me since the show started in 1999. When it ended in 2003, you might’ve thought we’d have answers, but it’s now 2016 and still nothing.

What do you think Beans’ parents were doing for three seasons? Did we learn about them and I missed it? Even Stevens fans, please sound off below!

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