‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 13 Promo Shows Meredith Trying To Help Alex

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Things are about to come to a head on Grey’s Anatomy. A brand-new sneak peek at season 13 shows that tensions are bound to be running high between Alex and DeLuca when the series returns.

The last we saw of Karev (Justin Chambers), in the season 12 finale, Alex lost control on DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti) and proceeded to beat him to a pulp.

The new footage gives us our first look at the aftermath of the situation and it’s clear Alex knows he’s in grave trouble.

“Alex, this is really bad,” says Meredith after she returns from getting a look at how much damage Alex’s temper has caused.

Despite Meredith suggesting he talk to the police and fess up, it’s clear Alex doesn’t want to do so, but he takes it one step further after running into Ben (Jason George) in the hallway.

When Ben asks about his hand, still raw from beating up Ben, Alex tells him he slipped and fell instead of telling him the truth. For his part, Ben doesn’t quite buy it and gives Alex another opportunity to come clean.

“Look man, DeLuca’s gonna clear everything up when he gets out of surgery. Is there anything—“

“There isn’t,” promises Karev. “You know, I got the guy here. I helped him.”

Alex may have pulled a fast one over on Ben, but we’ll be interested to know how far he’ll take his charade. And with DeLuca set to wake up any minute, we’re guessing Karev is about to find himself in a lot of hot water.

Check out the clip for yourself below:

Grey’s Anatomy season 13 premiers Thursday at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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