‘Power Rangers’ Reboot Unveils First Look At Amped Up New Zords

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The Power Rangers are gearing up to save the world again in an upcoming reboot film, and now, we finally have a look at their amped up Zords thanks to five new posters!

The big screen reboot of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV show won’t hit theaters until March, but luckily these new killer posters can keep you distracted and build excitement before the film comes to a theater near you.

Each poster features one Power Ranger and their super cool Zord. In case you need to brush up on your Power Ranger terminology, a Zord is a giant robot and assault vehicle (aka a Transformer) that is controlled by its corresponding Ranger. Together, the Zords can create a giant fighting machine, so they are awesome.

The Zords in the TV series were a Tyrannosaurus (for the Red Ranger), a Triceratops (Blue Ranger), Mastodon (Black Ranger), Saber-toothed Tiger (Yellow Ranger) and Pterodactyl (Pink Ranger), and their movie counterparts are much more impressive.

“His other ride is a minivan,” the first poster read on Facebook. It features the Blue Power Ranger played by RJ Cyler, lying on the nose of his Triceratops Zord.

“Driver’s Ed not required,” the next one teased. This poster has the Yellow Power Ranger played by
Becky G. standing tall on her machine.

The Red Ranger, played by Dacre Montgomery, looks ready for action on his “Candy apple red” robot.

“Hot new whip doesn’t begin to explain it,” Lionsgate wrote about the Black Ranger, played by Ludi Lin and his weapon.

The Pink Ranger, played by Naomi Scott, looked poised as she sat on her Zord. “Feels like flying,” the caption read.

In addition to releasing the posters, Lionsgate announced on Wednesday, via Movie Web, that they would be unveiling footage from the upcoming film at New York City’s Comic Con in October.

Power Rangers hits theaters March 24, 2017

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