‘The Vampire Diaries’ Creators Confirm Series Finale Plans Have Been Finalized

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Since it was announced earlier this summer that season 8 of The Vampire Diaries would be its last, fans have been trying to guess how the CW drama will come to a close. Now, the creators are confirming the finale plan is all set.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, creator Kevin Williamson revealed that while there is definitely still a question of who will end up with who, the story itself is finalized.

“Things are final now,” Williamson told Entertainment Weekly. “Decisions are being made.”

Williamson, along with co-creator Julie Plec, also revealed their favorite TV series endings during the interview. Williamson noted the brilliance of Walter White’s journey on the season finale of Breaking Bad, while Plec noted Friday Night Lights as an ending she loved. As for what will happen with their CW hit, we know for certain it won’t be a fade-to-black ending, like The Sopranos.

“Cynicism doesn’t have its way in series finales,” Plec told the publications in regards to TVD finale. “My emotional desire when I watch a series come to an end is to be crying and laughing and cheering as the final credits roll, feeling like I just got delivered the happy ending, whether the plot ends happily or not.”

Fingers crossed TVD finale makes us laugh and cry in the form of Elena (Nina Dobrev) waking up and the Salvatore brothers getting some closure. There’s so much uncertainty and we can barely handle it. Luckily the final season is almost upon us, so we’ll discover the fate of Mystic Falls’ supernatural residents soon enough.

The Vampire Diaries returns for its finale season on Friday, October 21 on The CW

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