J.K. Rowling Calls Out ‘Harry Potter’ Actor For Betraying His House And Declaring Himself A Slytherin

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Seamus Finnigan may be a Gryffindor through and through, but the same can’t be said for actor Devon Murray who plays him on screen.

Murray revealed his true house colors via Twitter on Tuesday (Sept. 21) after a fan who was set to attend the Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo asked the actor whether she should wear Gryffindor or Slytherin colors to the event.

Murray was quick to reply with, “It’s got to be Slytherin,” which didn’t go unnoticed by author J.K. Rowling herself.



“Traitor,” Tweeted Rowling back.

In the end, Murray joked that his allegiance to the house of the snake actually stems from the fact that he’s quite partial to green, but the actor took it one step further when he teased that he’s officially been sorted into Slytherin on Pottermore as well.

“Devon have you been sorted on Pottermore?” asked Twitter user @NOTaMuggle89.

“I sure have been,” tweeted Murray back along with a snake emoji.

It’s going to take a bit for us to get used to the fact that Devon Murray is in fact a Slytherin, but given how strong his allegiance is, we guess we’re going to have to!

(H/T: MTV News)

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