Tyler Posey Wants The Final Season Of ‘Teen Wolf’ To Be Very Dark

(Photo Credit: Scott Everett White for MTV Networks)
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Teen Wolf is already known for its dark storylines, but if Tyler Posey has his way, the final season of the series will be even darker.

In a recent interview with Teen Vogue, Posey, who plays Scott McCall on MTV’s hit series, talked about his desire for a grim sixth season.

“I’m hoping it’s going tot be somewhat dark,” Posey told Teen Vogue. “And I know we go dark a lot, but I hope it will be mentally and emotionally dark. I hope that’s the tone we go for.”

We can only imagine what Posey’s ideal final season will look like, but interestingly enough, it sounds like there’s a strong possibility the actor’s wishes will come true.

During the interview, Posey also revealed that he’s “kind of been collaborating on the storyline,” which makes sense considering this year, fans can also look forward to seeing Posey take a seat behind the director’s chair for an episode.

Of course, the actor’s keeping tight-lipped when it comes to the juicy details so as not to spoil the final season of the series, but we’ll definitely be interested to hear if any of Posey’s ideas made it into the plot!

The sixth and final season of Teen Wolf premieres Tuesday, Nov. 15 on MTV.