‘Nashville’ Creator Says Season 5 Changes That Have ‘Breathed New Life Into The Show’

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Nashville has found its new home on CMT and it’s clear the cast of the music drama is thrilled to be back for season 5!

The official Nashville Twitter account released a fun clip featuring quite a few of our series favorites to celebrate being back on set. Though the fate of the show was up in the air after last season’s harrowing finale, actor Charles Esten insists he never thought the show wouldn’t find life elsewhere.

“Well I never had a doubted it for a second,” said Esten who plays Deacon Claybourne on the show. “You can tell when it’s not time and it wasn’t time.

Added Clare Bowen: “It really is wonderful to be back and seeing everybody and having the fact that we managed to get the whole crew back together, it’s just so exciting.”

While most of our favorites are back, series creator Callie Khouri explained that the move has come with a few small changes that will only make the show better.

“It’s been a really great transition. I really love the new writers, the new showrunner is fantastic,” said Khouri. “The changes that we’ve made have kind of breathed new life into it.”


One thing’s for sure, it’s clear that there are big smiles all around as far as the cast and crew are concerned, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to hear that Nashville’s transition over to CMT has been so seamless.

We’re definitely excited to see what the series has in store for us when season 5 finally premieres next year!

Nashville returns with all new epodes Thursday, Jan. 5 on CMT.