Stephen Amell Teases The Return Of A Major ‘Arrow’ Character In Episode 100

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The CW’s Arrow is about to reach a milestone episode and to celebrate, the episode will feature a very special guest.

Actor Stephen Amell took to to his Twitter over the weekend to tease that the cast would be welcoming a special mystery guest for episode 100 of the hit superhero drama. In order to keep the mysterious momentum, Amell got creative with the two photos he tweeted out, carefully covering up Arrow’s upcoming special guest in a green silhouette.

Though Amell’s tweets doesn’t offer too many clues, a new photo posted to the actor’s official Facebook page could be the key to figuring out who the special guest is going to be! On Monday (Sept. 26), the actor posted a photo of himself sitting on a park bench with none other than DC comic’s lethal assassin, Deathstroke.

Furthermore, Amell confirmed that the photo was actually taken the same day he posted it when a fan posed an interesting question in the comments of the photo.

“Since Deathstroke will be in the Batman movie doesn’t that mean he can’t be on Arrow?” asked Facebook user Joseph Oliva.

“This photo is from today,” wrote back Amell.

Arrow fans know all too well that Oliver and Slade Wilson (aka Deathstroke) don’t exactly see eye to eye. The former friends-turned-foes have a lot of baggage between them so it’ll be interesting to see how Deathstroke plays into Arrow’s 100th episode. But one thing that seems to be plaguing the minds of fans is whether or not it’ll be actor Manu Bennett under the mask.

Viewers of both Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow will undoubtedly remember that during last season’s “Star City 2046” episode, we got a glimpse into Star City’s potential future when a malfunction sent the Waverider crashing into 2046. During the episode, we saw an older version of Oliver battling Deathstroke, but when all was said and done, we were clued into the fact that it wasn’t Slade under the mask, but his son, Grant Wilson (Jamie Andrew Cutler).

There’s no way to tell if Arrow will be pulling another fast one on us when Deathstroke makes his next appearance on the series, but either way, we’ll be looking forward to seeing our favorite bow-wielding hero face off against one of his most notorious enemies!