‘Arrow’ Season 5 Trailer Features The Bravta Flashback We’ve All Been Waiting For

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A new trailer for Arrow season 5 is here and it’s clear Oliver Queen means business.

The new promo for the trailer is full of action as we see brutal side of Oliver (Stephen Amell) we haven’t seen in a while. Our masked vigilante has decided to “put killing back on the table,” and it’s clear that’s going to be a topic of tension between him and Thea.

“[It’s] a huge step backwards,” reasons Thea passionately at one point.

It’s clear, however, that Oliver won’t be reasoned with this time.

Realizing that despite his efforts, it’s going to take more than one man to take out all the criminals in Star City, Oliver sets out to enlist some new recruits for the cause, but it’s clear that joining up won’t be an easy feat. There’s a great scene toward the middle of the trailer in which we see Oliver putting his prospective new teammates to the test.

Of course, Arrow wouldn’t be Arrow without a few flashbacks, and the one in this trailer doesn’t disappoint as we see Oliver renounce his family in order to join the Bratva.


Fans have been waiting quite a while to see Oliver’s journey with the powerful Russian Mafia organization unfold, and we can’t wait to see how it does when season 5 finally premieres!

Arrow returns to The CW with all new episodes on Wed. Oct. 5 at 8 p.m.