Disney Is Officially Making A Live-Action ‘Lion King’ Movie

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Who says you can’t make the old new again? It’s the circle of life.

Walt Disney Pictures is continuing the recent pattern of remaking their classic animated films by making a live-action/CG version of The Lion King. The studio announced today (Sept. 28) that it has has tapped Jon Favreau, the director behind the recent Jungle Book live-action remake, to helm the film.

The Lion King builds on Disney’s success of reimagining its classics for a contemporary audience with films like Maleficent, Cinderella and The Jungle Book,” Disney announced on their site. The media giant used the surmounting excitement of their upcoming 2017 Beauty and the Beast live action remake starring Emma Watson to drive home their point.

The 21st century update will be similar to what Favreau did for the 2016 Jungle Book: using a real child actor against a backdrop of cutting edge technology and a green-screens to create the African savannah.

Originally released in 1994, Disney’s The Lion King was a blockbuster smash, grossing $968 million in the box office against its $45 million budget. Released during Walt Disney’s Renaissance days, the film is considered a pinnacle in the company’s creative history. The Lion King went on to win countless accolades including Academy Awards for Best Original Score  and Best Original Song for Elton John and Tim Rice’s “Can You Feel the Love Tonight.” At the end of 1994, the movie was the highest-grossing theatrical release of the year. The classic story, a loose adaption on Shakespeare’s Hamlet, has since been reimagined into a Tony-winning Broadway play, a TV series and more.

No word yet on when The Lion King will return to theaters in this live-action version, but it will appeal to an entire generation of kids just as the ’90s original did.