Lena Dunham And Allison Williams Share Emotional Posts About The End Of ‘Girls’

(Photo by Michael Stewart/WireImage)
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Girls is coming to an end, and we’re trying not to ugly cry. As the end of the series is becoming closer and closer, the show’s leading ladies are sharing their farewell posts on social media and it’s very bittersweet.

Season 6 of the HBO show will mark the final season for Hannah, Marnie, Jessa and Shoshanna and it’s both exciting and sad. While it means that we have one more season of the crazy coming-of-age dramedy, it also means that once season 6 begins in 2017 (the date has yet to be announced), it will be over with a blink of an eye.

To commemorate the end of filming, which is almost completely done, the fabulous four ladies have been documenting their journey on social media and it is giving us all the feels.

On Monday, Allison Williams, who plays Marnie, shared a sentimental photo of herself with the show’s creator and Girls’ co-star, Lena Dunham.


“@lenadunham how can this be the #LastWeekOfGirls. How has it been almost 6 years since we were cuddling in a bed (that we broke) shooting the first scene ever,” Williams wrote about the series which premiered in 2012. “This is wild and devastating in a way that fills me with gratitude. #EndOfGirls.”

Dunham, who plays Hannah, shared a more light-hearted photo from the #LastWeekOfGirls.

“When @jennikonner tells me to jump in the pool at wrap time I follow. 4 more days til #endofGIRLS,” Dunham wrote on a side-by-side pool pic on Monday. Jumping in a pool, fully clothed, seems like the perfect thing for Hannah to do.


While Williams and Dunham are celebrating the last week of being on set, the two other leads have already wrapped their portion of the series, which is so sad. Even though Jemima Kirke, who plays Jessa, and Zosia Mamet, who plays Shoshanna, are done on set, they marked their last days with emotional posts that we still can’t get over.

“&that’s a wrap for me on the series of GIRLS. Bye Jessa. Thank you 4 all you’ve done for me. SEE YA ROUND MY LOVE X,” Kirke tweeted with a selfie after her last day on set at the end of August. Is it just us, or does Kirke look like she was crying? If she was crying, we might start crying, too!

“And that’s a wrap. It has been an unforgettable 6 years. To my GIRLS family, I adore you,” Mamet wrote on a shot of her Girls’ dressing room on August 26 as well. “To our fans, thank you for continuing to watch. And HBO, thank you for giving us a home. Shosh, it’s been real…ill miss you all.”


We will miss you too, Shoshanna, Jessa, Marnie and Hannah! Luckily, there is one more season of Girls coming your way in 2017 and it’s bound to be crazy, controversial and full of crying, so prepare yourself.