‘Smallville’ Alum Justin Hartley Reveals Which Superhero Role He Wants To Take On Next (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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For fans of Smallville, it’s incredibly difficult to look at the shows’ former cast members and not automatically think of them in their original roles on the WB show. Tom Welling will forever be Superman in our TV hearts. Allison Mack will always be Chloe Sullivan the same way Kristin Kreuk is eternally Lana Lang. The same rule applies to actor Justin Hartley who played Oliver Queen on the show, or as many still fans refer to him, the original Green Arrow.

Numerous actors from Smallville have popped up on the current block of superhero shows. Jesnsen Ackles has starred on Supernatural since 2005, and Laura Vandervooort played villain Indigo on Supergirl during the shows’ rookie season. While speaking with Hartley at PaleyFest in Los Angeles about his new NBC series, This is Us, People’s Choice had to ask the former Green Arrow star what role he would want to play if he were to guest on any of the new slate of superhero shows now on The CW.


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Obviously, deciding which superhero one would want to be is not something to take lightly these days, as the amount of pressure to do the role justice runs high. However, when we tossed out the idea of him playing Aquaman, "Yeah!" Hartley says. "That would be cool."

But Hartley is clear that while he's open to the idea, he thinks his former co-star, Alan Ritchson, who played Aquaman on Smallville, remains the "good" choice.

"I always liked working with him," Hartley says.

Though, if the opportunity arose for him to play the role — he certainly wouldn't be opposed.

"Sure! Why not?" says Hartley.

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