The Latest ‘Gilmore Girls’ Poster Will Make You That Much More Excited For The Revival

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Netflix has just revealed a brand-new poster for Gilmore Girls: A Year In the Life and in it features our favorite ladies taking center stage!

The poster, revealed Thursday (Sept. 29) morning via the series’ official Twitter page, features Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel as Lorelai and Rory, respectively, set against that same skin blue backdrop we saw in the first poster released back in May.
Fittingly, both ladies are holding huge mugs of coffee up to the lower parts of their faces, which really puts an emphasis on their striking blue eyes.

The poster does a great job of capturing the essence of Rory and Lorelai, but if you’re looking for clues as to what we might expect in the upcoming season, you won’t find them here. That said, we actually kind of love that the poster doesn’t give too much away with regards to any major plot points set to take flight in the upcoming four-part series.

Thanks to a handful of photos and some interesting interviews given by the cast, Gilmore Girls fans have been able to speculate over everything from what Rory’s job might be now that she’s an adult, to whether or not Luke and Lorelai may be expecting.

Despite the theories going around as to what this new season of Gilmore Girls might entail, everyone involved has done a pretty good job of keeping tight-lipped with regards to any major plot points over the past few months. It’s safe to say the anticipation is killing us, and we can’t wait to get back to Stars Hollow to check in on all of our favorite characters this November!

Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life premiers Friday, Nov. 25 on Netflix.