Everything ‘Boy Meets World’ Got Wrong About College Life

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Boy Meets World was hands down one of the best shows on TV during the ’90s, but there is one thing the series got completely wrong: college life. Sure, we know the sitcom was in its prime during the high school years, but the college days still had us hooked. That being said we have a few issues with the way college was portrayed on the series.

1. Professor Feeny’s College Job

For starters, Mr. Feeny got a job at the same university (Pennbrook) all of the kids went to, which is so unlikely. Yes, it was necessary for the story to continue for Feeny to make his way into their college lives, but they wouldn’t have all had him as a professor, it just doesn’t work that way.


2. Student Center

One of our biggest peeves however, is that everything seems to be in one place. Sure, you have a student center in college that has a lot of food options within it and your bookstore could be in the same quad, but lounge couches, a café, the cafeteria, the bookstore and the “hang out spot” all in one little room is not believable.

During season 6, Shawn even spends the night on one of the couches in this student center, with a pool table and bar stools behind him. Plus, he’s just wearing his “undah-pants,” as Cory would say, which is outrageous. PS: There was a dart board next to the coffee cart and the whole place turned into a poetry slam room at night. How does that work?

3. Football Pass

There was one episode when Feeny considered giving a student a pass on his final, just because he was a football player. After there was a pep rally inside the tiny student center where everything took place, and the players were within touching distance to normal students (this would never happen), Feeny had to decide whether he should pass the starting player or stick to his guns. He actually considered passing the guy because Eric asked him to, after he rode into his class on a bike (really a bike inside? Come on!). Luckily the kid passed on his own, but the idea was crazy.

4. Off Campus Housing

In real life, off campus housing is usually dirty and small, but on Boy Meets World, it was glamorous and big. The apartment that Rachel shared with Topanga and Angela was amazing. It had a HUGE kitchen, which they rarely used (where did they eat?) and three people slept there, but you never saw all three rooms. It was so unfair and we wish our college houses were big and beautiful like that one was, too.

Which TV shows do you think got college life right?