Here’s Your First Look At Miranda Sings’ Hilarious New Netflix Show

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Miranda Sings is ready for her Internet debut in the new trailer for the upcoming Netflix series, Haters Back Off! and you’re sure to laugh along with her!

YouTube star Colleen Ballinger first announced the Netflix series based on her iconic online character Miranda Sings back in January, and now we have a better look at the comedy, which is set to air this month.

The trailer begins with the upload of Miranda’s first video as she waits to instantly become famous. She is very excited about that video and tells her friend all about it, while intensely eating a popsicle outside of her house.

The whole teaser, which was released on Monday (Oct. 3), gives off a very Napoleon Dynamite feel, from the small town and retro décor to the popsicle — clearly from an old-school ice cream truck — that Miranda is demolishing in the trailer. Even Miranda’s Uncle Jim, played by Steve Little, reminds us of Napoleon’s crazy Uncle Rico.



After getting 52 views, both Miranda and Jim think she’s destined for greatness, despite the fact that the viewers don’t have anything nice to say in the comments. All the negativity however, just fuels Miranda as she vows, “Even though you’re all a bunch of haters, I’m not going to let that stop me from perusing my dreams!”

With the help of her wacky uncle, Miranda plans to take those bright red lips and her humor to the top of Internet fame, one wild post after the other. The series itself will be comprised of eight episodes and will definitely make you laugh every week.

Haters Back Off! Hits Netflix on October 14