Troian Bellisario’s Heartfelt Farewell To Her ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Room Will Make You Very Emotional

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Fans are well aware that we’re inching closer and closer to Pretty Little Liars series finale, but nothing thus far has driven the point home as hard as Troian Bellisaro’s latest update.

The actress took to Instagram to post a photo of the remains of Spencer Hasting’s “great room” after it had been dismantled and penned an accompanying caption that’s bound to tug at your heartstrings.



“There will never be a greater room than ‘Spencer’s Great Room,’” wrote Bellisario. “I spent most of my 20s there. I sleep on every surface. Laughed and cried harder than I have in most rooms in my own life, and will genuinely miss every square inch of it.”

Bellisario’s heartfelt anecdote is just one of many that have been shared by various cast members since Pretty Little Liars announced that season 7 would be their last.

As fans of the series, we know it’s going to be tough to say goodbye to one of our favorite Freeform shows, but even so, we’re looking forward to seeing what showrunner Marlene King has in store for us as we head into season 7.