‘Arrow’ Star Katrina Law Reveals Who She Wants More Scenes With, And The Answer Will Surprise You (Interview)

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With four seasons down and the fifth premiering tonight (Oct. 5), the characters of The CW’s Arrow have had many opportunities to interact with one another, but often interesting match-ups slip through the cracks. Just like with any show, there are usually characters you wish got to have more scenes together. Arrow‘s Katrina Law, who plays the kick-butt Nyssa al Ghul, feels the same way about her character and Felicity.

“I would love more scenes with Emily Bett Rickards,” Law told People’s Choice at the NJ Heroes and Villains Fan Fest in July. “I think Nyssa and Felicity are just polar opposites and would just be so much fun to watch them interact.”

Level one would be to just have them chit-chat, but Law decided it would be even more fun if they took it a step further.

“Or have them get stuck in a room together where they have to work together to figure out how to get out. I think that would just be comical,” she said.

Hmm, Oliver Queen’s brainiac ex-fiance stuck in a room with his assassin wife…what could go wrong?

Surely if this comically-tense scene comes to fruition it’ll become a favorite of Law’s, but in the meantime, she already has *two* Arrow scenes that she absolutely loves, including one that she really didn’t see coming.

Of course, one of the scenes involves Sara (played by Caity Lotz).

“I got the script for season three, episode three, where my character comes in, and I only came in at the very end, and my line was, ‘Where’s Sara?’ and I remember being like, What do you mean ‘where’s Sara? Where is Sara?’ Because I had no idea that they had killed her character in episode one. And I was like, ‘Wait, what?’ So that was crazy,” Law said. “I felt like I had the same reaction that fans were gonna have.”

With her first favorite scene dealing with death, it’s only fitting that her second is about marriage.

“Then my second favorite one was when I found out that my character was gonna marry Stephen Amell’s character, Oliver,” Law said. “Just because I heard fandoms exploding and this massive online reaction that was gonna happen and it was kind of maniacal, evil that was happening. That one got me out of left field because I did not see that one coming.”

Everyone needs to switch up their favorites, plus Arrow is in need of a little comic relief once in a while, so we vote a big YES to a little Nyssa/Felicity fun!

Look out for Katrina Law’s new series Training Day when it premieres on CBS in 2017!