Demi Lovato Announces She’s Taking A Break From Music

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Demi Lovato has had one busy year between promoting her most recent album, Confident, and embarking on an epic summer tour with her buddy Nick Jonas. Now, the one thing the pop star is looking forward to is a much needed break.

Lovato took to Twitter on Tuesday (Oct. 4) to let fans know that she plans to lay low next year as a means of staying out of the spotlight.

“So excited for 2017. Taking a break from music and the spotlight,” tweeted Lovato. “I am not meant for this business and the media.”

Later, during a Twitter Q&A, the “Stone Cold” singer also revealed that she’ll also be putting music on hold, so we shouldn’t expect any surprise releases.

“No new music coming out any time soon,” tweeted Lovato late Monday night.

Despite the fact that we may have to wait a while for new music from Lovato, one thing we can look forward to is the singer’s upcoming memoir.

Lovato’s new book has been quite a few years in the making, but while fielding fan questions late Monday night, the singer let Lovatics in on the fact that she’s very close to finishing her tell-all.

We’ll definitely be looking forward to getting our hands on Demi Lovato’s book when it comes out, and wish her all the best as she gets ready to go on her much needed break!