Shailene Woodley Had A Not-So-Secret ‘Secret Life Of The American Teenager’ Reunion In Paris

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Talk about a reunion that’ll make you go “oui oui”!

Shailene Woodley and Megan Park just had the most adorable Secret Life of the American Teenager reunion in Paris.

Both Park and Woodley were in France for Fashion Week when they took a moment to catch up amidst the glamour of the runways.

Woodley took to Instagram to commemorate their meetup by posting a fun GIF of the pair in mid-conversation just in front of the Louvre Museum’s famous pyramid. We can practically imagine The Secret Life’s Amy and Grace having a similarly animated conversation!



“This is how @meganparkithere and I feel about the new @maisonvalentino collection,” wrote Woodley in the caption.

Later, Park uploaded a picture of her own which featured both girls all dressed up for Fashion Week 2016.



“Last one. The most gorgeous and spirited human alive @shailenewoodley and her weird date whom I don’t recognize after the show,” wrote Park in the caption.

It’s definitely nice to see these two ladies together again and we’re glad to know they had such a great time hanging out in Paris this week!