Nickelodeon’s New ‘Legends Of The Hidden Temple’ Trailer Will Get You Pumped For The Adventure Ahead

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A brand-new trailer for Nickelodeon’s Legends of The Hidden Temple has dropped and it’s bound to get you pumped for the action-packed adventure that awaits!

Uploaded to the network’s official Facebook on Thursday (Oct. 6), the trailer — which was first debuted exclusively by Buzzfeed — is peppered with throwbacks that anyone who grew up watching the original ’90s gameshow will recognize.

While we’ve caught glimpses of Olmec and even the Aztec guards that dwell within the temple walls in a previous trailer released at this past year’s San Diego Comic Con, the new footage brings everything to life in a way previous footage hasn’t.



As the film’s main character, Dudley (Jet Jurgensmeyer), ventures deeper and deeper into the infamous temple, we get quick shots of the shrine of the silver monkey, an actual red jaguar, and even original gameshow host, Kirk Fogg. There’s even a fun little tip of the hat to the old Pendants of Life medallions that players would collect throughout the original game. We’ll definitely be interested to see how they bring these into play when the movie premieres next month!

Set to debut on Nickelodeon in November, Legends of the Hidden Temple: The Movie follows the story of three siblings who find themselves at the temple after breaking away from a jungle tour group. Once inside, they quickly discover that all the legends they grew up hearing about the temple are actually true. If the kids want to get out unscathed, however, they’ll have to follow a map and figure out how to survive the Temple’s many mysterious rooms.

Nickelodeon’s Legends of the Hidden Temple: The Movie premieres Saturday, Nov. 26.