Freeform Renews ‘Stitchers,’ The ‘Blade Runner’ Sequel Gets A Title, And More

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It’s Friday! Shimmy into the weekend with news about the Bladerunner sequel, cast members being added to the next Marvel show, and a teaser for John Wick 2. That and more in today’s headlines.

1. Freeform renewed Stitchers for another season. Always another case to solve. [Variety]

2. The Bladerunner sequel has an officially name. Obvious, but intriguing. [Vulture]

3. The Punisher announced three new cast members. They’ll be important, but their names still aren’t in the title! [Marvel]

4. See the teaser for John Wick 2. It’s going to be a party, and a well-dressed one at that. [Collider]

5. HBO is putting an American Idiot project into motion. September’s over, so someone probably woke HBO up and told them it was time to make a movie. [TV Line]