AMA Nominations, HBO Is Bringing Back ‘Fraggle Rock,’ And More

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Fresh off a long weekend and there is plenty of news to parse including a Jim Henson show returning to television, a Green Day tour in 2017, and a possible third John Wick movie. That and more in today’s headlines.

1. Fraggle Rock is returning to HBO. The Doozers are back! [Deadline]

2. See the first Power Rangers movie teaser. Mighty Morphin’! [Power Rangers/Twitter]

3. Green Day announced an official 2017 tour. The aging rockers are still rockin’ away, this time with Against Me! as openers. [Rolling Stone]

4. A third John Wick installment is reportedly already in the works. Never stop making these sequels, Hollywood. [Vulture]

5. The new Doctor Strange featurette is super trippy and weird. As should probably be expected at this point. [Entertainment Weekly]