Mandy Moore Thinks It’s Time Teen Rom-Coms Made A Comeback (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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When thinking of actress Mandy Moore, it’s almost impossible to not immediately reflect back on her slew of starring roles in some of the best teenage romantic comedies from the early part of the millennium. Aside from her singing career, she stole our hearts as Hailey Martin in “How to Deal,” Lisa in “Try Seventeen,” and starred alongside Anne Hathaway as Lana Thomas in “Princess Diaries.” Plus, who could ever forget Moore as Jamie Sullivan in the movie that made everybody ugly cry at the end, “A Walk to Remember.”

The list goes on, too. Moore, who’s now starring in the new Fall NBC series, “This is Us,” also had memorable turns in the young-adult focused films “Saved” and “Chasing Liberty.” We couldn’t help but wonder while speaking with the 32-year-old actress at PaleyFest earlier this month, “Where have all the teenage rom-coms gone?” After all, how many recent films of that genre have had teens flocking to theaters like they did back in the 2000s? So what happened?



While Moore is unsure of the exact answer herself she says, "I feel like it's time to bring back that genre. I don't know. There must be a reason." While ruminating on why teen rom-coms have become a thing of the past, Moore then comes to this sad conclusion. "People must not want it," she says. But at the same time, she hasn't lost all hope for the teenage rom-com to make a resurgence one day. "Maybe it's just going to take that one film to break the chain or something," she says.