7 Clues You Missed While Watching Lindsay Lohan’s DCOM ‘Get A Clue’

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In the early ’00s, Lindsay Lohan was everywhere. One of her best performances — okay, so maybe it wasn’t one of her bests but it was pretty good — was playing Lexy Gold in the Disney Channel Original Movie, Get a Clue. She was so fabulous as she solved crimes wearing high fashion pieces — and she did it all while going to high school!

Throughout the movie, Lexy puts her sister’s spy gear to use and combines it with her love of journalism to figure out what happened to her teacher, Mr. Walker, when he goes missing. It is all about what you missed in the story that could set Mr. Walker free, but while watching the DCOM we noticed that there are few moments you might’ve glossed over the first time you tuned in, too.

Matching Phone Sets

In the beginning of the movie, Lexy and Jennifer (Brenda Song) wake up and pop on their phone headsets. (You know, because every teenage girl had a hands-free phone headpiece like Britney Spears did when she was performing in concert.) The part you might’ve missed, however, is that the headsets actually matched. The girls would show each other their outfits while chatting on their fuzz-accented phones. Did we mention they also had matching neon landline phones, too?

A Little Rascal Cast Member

While Lindsay Lohan was the big star in Get a Clue, Bug Hall, who played Alfalfa in The Little Rascals, was the leading man. You might not have recognized him without his iconic cowlick hairstyle, but Jack Downey (aka Hall’s character) is what Alfalfa would’ve looked like as a teenager.

Punny Names

We know there are a lot of witty character names in movies, but naming the school guidance counselor who yells at Mr. Walker, “Miss Stern,” was a pretty smart move on the part of the writers. Another punny name you might’ve missed is that of the bad guy who pretends to be a detective and is later unveiled as the thief/villain. His character is named Det. Charles Meany. Meany, get it?

Alfalfa-Era Photos

When Lexy and Jack go to Jack’s house in Brooklyn, you can actually see a real throwback photo of Hall’s Alfalfa days in the hallway.

Nod to Harriet the Spy

Lexy’s little sister Taylor is basically a spitting image of Harriet the Spy from the 1996 movie. She has a ton of spy gear in her room, uses binoculars all the time, and sneaks around wearing a hoodie with her hair slicked back into a low ponytail just like the ’90s character.

Lion King Slang

How could we have forgotten that Lexy had a totally bizarre vocabulary in this film? While you might remember her saying, “get a clue” in a valley girl voice on more than one occasion, she also quoted The Lion King. When her dad told her to mind her own business and not get involved in the case she brushed it off and said, “Don’t worry, Hakuna Matata.” What? As she walked away she also crossed her fingers behind her back, which gave us serious Parent Trap flashbacks.

What was your favorite moment from Get a Clue?

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