A New ‘Harry Potter’ Fan Theory Will Forever Change The Way You See Aunt Petunia

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Harry Potter fans are all too familiar with prickly Aunt Petunia, but a new fan theory making waves online may be the key to changing what you think of Harry’s aunt.

When readers are first introduced to the Durselys, Petunia’s hatred of magic is palpable, so it definitely comes as a shock when the series later reveals that there was a time when Petunia was once fascinated about the wizarding world.

As a child, Petunia longed to go to Hogwarts just like Lily had and when her letter didn’t arrive, she even wrote to Albus Dumbledore himself asking if she could go to Hogwarts too. Unfortunately, her dreams were squashed and from that point forward, her hatred of magic took over.

While Rowling has previously stated that Petunia is in fact a muggle, a crafty Tumblr user recently began exploring the idea of Petunia having magic in the form of a GIF set that showcases how a few choice scenes between Petunia and Harry might have gone differently if Lily’s sister had in fact been a witch all along.

The GIF set explores what Petunia might have said to Harry just before their final goodbye in Deathly Hallows if she had plucked up the courage to speak instead of deciding against it and following Vernon and Dudley out.

In the imagined scene, we see Petunia confessing to Harry that she does indeed have magic, but she learned to suppress it. Petunia even goes on to admit that despite not using it purposefully, sometimes her magic gets the better of her and bubbles over.

The idea of Petunia having magic is certainly intriguing, but it still doesn’t explain why Dumbledore would have denied her a spot at Hogwarts. Luckily, our friends over at Bustle have brought forth an interesting point with regards to this fan theory: what if Petunia had magic, but it just wasn’t enough to make her a full blown wizard?

As always, Potter fans online have given us a new lease with which to explore the series and if anything, this definitely has us wondering what Petunia could have said at the end of Deathly Hallows if she hadn’t cut herself off!

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