Joe Jonas Admits He’s Embarrassed By ‘Camp Rock’

(Photo by Mark Davis/DCNYRE2016/Getty Images for dcp)
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Joe Jonas is getting real!

The 27-year-old singer opened up about his career during a Reddit AMA on Tuesday, and his candid thoughts will make you love him even more. The only downside to the interview is that we now have proof that the DNCE frontman wasn’t the biggest fan of his Disney Channel Original Movie, Camp Rock.

When asked about the Disney film, Jonas got straight to the point and admitted that he is now totally embarrassed by the movie.

“Oh my God. My dance moves in Camp Rock were so terrible. I thought I was killing the game, too,” Jonas explained. “Actually, Tyler The Creator posted it one day and I was like, ‘Oh, cool! Tyler thinks my dance moves are sick!’ and I realized he was just totally calling me out…. but, respectfully.”

The former Jonas Brothers singer revealed that his dance moves in the musical movie weren’t the only thing to cause him to blush now that he’s looking back at it. In fact, there were a lot of things he finds embarrassing about his role in the movie, which costarred Demi Lovato.

“I think my flat iron hair and my squeaky voice are a little embarrassing. Also, I watch it now and realize it was so many years ago, it is really bad quality. It just reminds me of how much older I am now. I’m 27,” he said.

If you still can’t believe Jonas doesn’t hold Camp Rock to a high regard, just see what he ranked the film on his embarrassment scale.

“1-10 rating of how embarrassing Camp Rock is to me now, 10 being the most and 1 being the least, I’m going to give it a solid 8,” he said. “When I see old merchandise from Camp Rock days or somebody is like, ‘Oh my God, Camp Rock is my jam,’ I really have a hard time believing them.”

For what it’s worth, Joe, Camp Rock is definitely still our jam!

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