‘Harry Potter And the Sorcerers Stone’ Director Reveals Why A Beloved Book Character Was Cut From The Movies

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Students and professors aren’t the only ones who call Hogwarts home. Harry Potter’s alma mater is also home to some pretty memorable ghosts! Even so, there’s one particular poltergeist that’s notably absent from the Harry Potter films themselves.

Peeves may best be known for wreaking havoc, but Potter fans everywhere will undoubtedly admit that Hogwarts just wouldn’t be the same without the mischievous poltergeist. That’s probably why so many Potter heads were sad to discover that he’d been cut from the films.

In a new interview with EW’s Binge of Harry Potter podcast, Sorcerer’s Stone director Chris Columbus opened up about the decision to nix Peeves from the final cut of the film.

“We needed to cut something because the film was close to three hours,” explained Columbus. “He was going to be a completely CGI character and that saved us a considerable amount of money, but also created a considerable amount of heartbreak.”

While Columbus laments that they weren’t able to include Peeves in the film, he also admitted that some of the footage that ended up getting scrapped still exists.

“There’s the potential that someday we could put it back together if people really were that interested,” said Columbus.

We think we speak for Potter fans far and wide when we say yes, we really are that interested, Mr. Columbus! Here’s hoping WB decides to release that old Peeves footage someday!