6 Times ‘Gossip Girl’ Really Stretched The Truth About High School Life

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Can you believe it’s already been four years since Gossip Girl ended? While we still aren’t over the fact that the Upper East Side crew is no longer on TV, after many repeat viewings, we’ve realized there were a many things the series got wrong about what life is really like in high school.

While most people know that high school on TV is obviously not like reality, there are a lot of shows that have gotten it pretty close, like Dawson’s Creek (all the school drama was SO on point) or Friday Night Lights (its balance of kids and their parents in a small town was very accurate). Gossip Girl, on the other hand blurred the lines between reality and TV reality a LOT. Though the big stretches were obvious to even the most casual viewers (sure, teens can be bad, but Chuck Bass bad was pretty much on another level), some of the smaller stretches were harder to spot — mainly because they just seemed so ingrained in the Gossip Girl world.

See all the ways the series really stretched the truth about every day high school life below:

1. Blair Waldorf Rarely Got in Trouble

We love Blair (Leighton Meester) as much as the next person, but she was a total bully. In real life she would’ve easily been put in detention or suspended for her continual bullying of pretty much the whole school, especially her minions. Yes, her followers rarely spoke out against her, but it was clear that she was a bully and made them do her bidding, which in a normal high school would have resulted in her getting sent to Saturday school for at least a month.

2. Eating Lunch on the Steps of the Met Every Day

Sure, some high school campuses have an open-lunch policy where you can leave, but but eating on the steps of the New York City Metropolitan Museum of Art — like students often did on Gossip Girl — while awesome, would be hard to pull off.

3. Having Someone Else Take Your SAT

Studying for the SAT is literally the life and death of a ton of high schoolers every year, yet Serena got someone to take the test for her? Ya, no, that’s not how it works. Okay, so technically Chuck (Ed Westwick) paid someone to take the SATs for her and if anyone could pull that off it would be him, but you just can’t do that. It’s so wrong!

4. The Ability To Wear Whatever You Wanted With Your Uniform

Despite the fact that Blair, Serena and the rest of the gang had impeccable style in high school, in any real private school where uniforms are mandatory they would never look as trendy as those of the Constance Billard outfits.

5. Never Getting Your Phone Confiscated For Texting Or Talking

When Gossip Girl started cell phones were a HUGE part of the show. How else would they have all known what happened at the party the night before, or gotten their fresh information from Gossip Girl? Sadly, if you had your phone out as often as all of the characters did, it would be taken away quicker than you could sign off with “xoxo.”

6. Wearing Extravagant Outfits Every Day, With No Sweatpants In Between

Did you ever see anyone wearing sweats on GG? No! As any high schooler knows that studying in sweats is the only way to study. Plus, even the wealthiest of wealthy people need to have comfortable clothes in the off chance they want to stay in and lounge.


What was the most unrealistic moment on Gossip Girl for you? What was your favorite moment?