Ben Affleck Is Still Heartbroken He Wasn’t Cast As Beca In ‘Pitch Perfect,’ And He Wants Anna Kendrick To Know It

(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)
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Ben Affleck is a mega star, but there’s one role he’s still upset he didn’t land: Beca in Pitch Perfect!

While promoting his film The Accountant with co-star Anna Kendrick, the 44-year-old actor admitted that he wanted to play Kendrick’s iconic singing character in the a capella film. Unfortunately, sometimes dreams just don’t come true.

The “revelation” came out during an interview with Affleck and Kendrick for the latest installment of MTV News’ “After Hours,” which was released on Wednesday (Oct. 13).
The interview starts with Affleck talking about The Accountant, when Kendrick interrupts him to talk stunts.

She points out that Affleck has guns, but then switches the attention to herself, saying, “Check out these guns… check out these guns. I call this one pitch and this one perfect.”

“Uh, I would crush it in an action movie,” she adds as Affleck tries to regain the focus and steer the interview back to their new movie.

The two then start talking about their other upcoming projects, which prompts the show’s host, Josh Horowitz, to inquire about Affleck’s next Batman film. Of course, Kendrick jumps in, wearing a Robin costume this time and tries to show off her superhero moves, and get her co-star to cast her in the next Batman.

Kendrick gets really defensive when Affleck admits that there might not be a Robin in the next film. Clearly, Affleck has shattered her action-movie dreams, so he lets her in on a little secret, not all dreams come true, like his dream to be in Pitch Perfect.

“I had a dream once, I was eight years old, my parents took me to a little movie called Annie. I walked into that theater dreaming of being Indiana Jones and walked out wanting nothing more than to dye my hair red and sing to my dog,” he said as serous music played in the background.

“Ya, fame came my way, success, it was all fine, [but] all I wanted to do was sing. Finally, a little script called Pitch Perfect lands on my desk. The part fits me to a tee. Beca, the rebellious, reluctant leader with the voice of an angel. So I put myself on tape,” Affleck explains before breaking into the “Cups” version of “When I’m Gone.” It’s obviously hilarious.

“We don’t all get what we want in this life,” he says, before Kendrick calls him out for being really weird and ruining their bit. “I wanted to be in Pitch Perfect.

Oh Ben, we love you and your Pitch Perfect dreams!

The Accountant hits theaters on October 14