The ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Cast Posted Heartfelt Goodbyes To Their TV Moms, And Now We Can’t Stop Crying

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The cast of Pretty Little Liars have been posting their fair share of heartfelt goodbyes, but this latest compilation is bound to have you reaching for the tissues!

Actresses Troian Bellisario, Lucy Hale, and Ashley Benson each took to Instagram to say goodbye to their respective on screen moms after their final day on set.

“7 years aint enough,” wrote Bellisaro along with a beautiful photo of her and Veronica Hastings actress Lesley Fera.

7 years ain't enough. @lfera23

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Hale posted a similar photo of herself and Ella Montgomery actress Holly Marie Combs.

“That’s a series wrap on my amazing work mama. You’re the coolest,” said Hale in the caption.

That's a series wrap on my amazing work mama. You're the coolest @thehmc #pllfinale

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Benson opted for a selfie with herself and access Laura Leighton.

“That’s a wrap on my beautiful amazing mommy,” wrote Benson. “I love you moms.”

Not to be outdone, both Leighton and Combs took to social media to bid farewell to their on-screen daughters of seven years.

“I adore you, my beautiful sweet @AshBenzo,” wrote Leighton via Twitter. “I have so loved being your mama for 7 years. I love you, Baby.”

For her part, Combs, re-posted Hale’s original picture, praising the young actress by saying, “She made it all so easy.”

Later, Combs took to Instagram yet again to reflect on the time she spent playing Ella Montgomery on the series.

“And just like that 7 years flew by…Thank you @imarleneking for allowing Ella’s spirit, warmth and softness to be a part of me for so long,” wrote Combs in the caption of the photo. “Thank you to the PLL crew for being so good natured and hardworking deep in the trenches through many dark nights and till many a dawn’s light. And thank you to the PLL fans for your undying dedication and support.”

Finally, showrunner Marlene King took to her own Instagram to commemorate the Pretty Little Liars’ mom’s final day on set in the form of a short video of the crew applauding the actresses after their final scene.

“I can’t say goodbye so I’ll say goodnight to our PLL moms,” wrote King in the caption. “Thank God you got out of the basement! Love you!”

Does anyone else feel like they need a tissue after seeing all those lovely posts from the PLL crew or is it just us?

The final season of Pretty Little Liars airs in 2017 on Freeform.