Here’s What ‘Dawson’s Creek’ Siblings Jack And Andie McPhee Are Up To Now

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It’s been nearly 20 years since Dawson’s Creek first aired, and we’re still not completely done saying goodbye to the kids from Capeside.

While the show ended in 2003, the characters and the actors who played them still live on in our hearts and on the Internet, where we may or may not have recently binge-watched all six seasons again. Dawson’s Creek was about Dawson Leery (James Van Der Beek), his childhood love, Joey Potter (Katie Holmes) and his best friend Pacey Witter (Joshua Jackson). Other major characters included Jen Lindley (Michelle Williams), the not-so innocent girl next door, and college addition, Audrey Liddell (Busy Phillips).


Many fans have kept track of what the actors mentioned above have been up to over the years because they’ve all remained in the limelight, but what ever happened to the creek’s favorite brother and sister duo, Jack and Andie McPhee? Or more specifically what happened to the actor and actress who played them? Well, we’ve got your answers below!



Kerr Smith (Jack McPhee)



Kerr Smith played a very complicated character on Dawson’s Creek, starring as Jack McPhee, an unsung hero on the series.

Since wrapping on Dawson’s, the Pennsylvania native has been on a LOT of TV shows. He was the recurring character, Kyle Brody, the federal agent turned Whitelighter on Charmed for a season. He then moved onto playing Bobby Wilkerson on E-Ring followed a 13-episode stint on Justice as Tom Nicholson.

In 2010, Smith starred on Life Unexpected, until the show was cancelled after two seasons. The 44-year-old actor then took a quick break from TV roles to do more film parts, but found himself back on TV as Robert Quinn on The Fosters in 2014. He is currently filming a new TV series called Doubt, where he will play ADA PJ Arrington.

Meredith Monroe (Andie McPhee)

Meredith Monroe wasn’t on Dawson’s Creek as long as her TV brother was, but she made a huge mark as Andie McPhee. Unlike her peers, Andie left the country after high school, but we still loved her even though she was MIA during the college years.

Right after the success of Dawson’s, Monroe appeared as a guest star on numerous TV series including Joan of Arcadia, CSI: Miami, Bones and Californication before focusing on movies. Her film roles include, Nowhere to Hide and Low Fidelity.



One of her longest stints on TV post Dawson’s was on Criminal Minds, where she played  Agent Aaron Hotchner’s wife, Haley Hotchner, from 2005 to 2013.Most recently, the 46-year-old actress portrayed Greer in the 2016 film The Edge of Seventeen.

We know that Dawson’s Creek is over, but is it too much to ask for a reunion featuring both of the McPhee siblings? Picture it now, five to 10 years after they were last in Capeside, the crew would come back to town once more for a light-hearted reunion.  This time their kids would all be running around together as they sit on the Leery’s dock and talk about how things used to be. Okay, it might sound like a boring episode of TV, but we’d tune in to watch it!