Daniel Radcliffe’s Next Movie Role, The New ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Teaser, And More

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Soar into Friday knowing that the weekend is almost here and that there is great news like Daniel Radcliffe’s next movie and the first Top Chef trailer to check out. That and more in today’s headlines.

1. Daniel Radcliffe’s next project is an action movie. “Drug-smuggling pilot” is definitely a different look, unless the pilot is also a wizard. A twist! [The Hollywood Reporter]

2. Watch the first America’s Next Top Model teaser. Rita Ora is leaving the dream. [TV Line]

3. The first trailer for Top Chef Season 14 was released. Get excited that Sam is back! And other people….but mostly Sam! [Vulture]

4. Joss Whedon wants to direct a Star Wars film now. Join the rest of Hollywood in the queue, Whedon. [Entertainment Weekly]

5. Get pumped for Victoria Beckham’s Target collection. It’s even good for your budget. [Bustle]