‘Deadpool’ Loses A Big Name — And Fans Are Not Happy About It

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Deadpool fans are not happy about the departure of a key member of the franchise.

On Saturday, Deadline broke the news that Deadpool director Tim Miller had walked away from the upcoming Deadpool 2 project. Deadline revealed that Miller hadn’t formally signed on for the sequel, but he was developing the script for the 2018 film. Miller reportedly left due to creative differences with the movie’s star, Ryan Reynolds.

The superhero flick grossed $782 million worldwide and broke numerous box office records, including biggest grossing X-Men film, partly because of the leading man (Reynolds) who pushed for the film to get off the ground in the first place and also thanks to the crew.

Guardians of the Galaxy creator James Gunn was among many directors and celebs who took to Twitter to react to the exit.

“Honestly bummed about Tim Miller leaving Deadpool,” Gunn tweeted on Saturday. “He did an amazing job with the first one; I’d like to have seen where he’d go next.”

The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 writer and director wasn’t the only to sound off on the exit. A number of directors, celebs, and fans also took to Twitter to weigh in on what the departure could mean for the franchise.


Although Miller will no longer be working on Deadpool 2 we still can’t wait to see what the movie looks like when it eventually hits theaters in 2018 with Reynold reprising his role as the hilarious superhero.

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