Netflix’s ‘Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life’ Trailer Is Finally Is Here And It’s Full Of Your Favorite Stars Hollow Characters

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The official Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life trailer is finally here!

On Tuesday, Netflix finally debuted the first official trailer for the upcoming Gilmore Girls revival and there aren’t enough words to express how much we’re freaking out over here.

Although we’d love to take a trip down memory lane and remind you of everything that happened when the show ended in 2007, we’re way too excited about what’s ahead to stop and look back. Instead, we’re going to jump right in and break down the new trailer, so you can prepare yourself for an amazing journey back to Stars Hollow before the four-episode revival hits.

The trailer begins with Lorelai and Rory Gilmore at their kitchen table having one of their many famous talks, which of course includes witty banter and talk about Chinese food.

“The girls are back in town,” the screen reads.

As the girls go through town — it’s winter, which means a gorgeous pink coat for Loreali — they continue their banter and remind us why we love those Gilmore girls. Our favorite line comes after Lorelai tells Rory that there is a town debate about whether or not to take out the phone booth in town.

“Where would Superman change when he comes to save our town from Ben Affleck?” Rory asks. Seriously, we love them!


Next you see Luke at Lorelai’s house – yay! – as he tries to convince the ladies not to eat bad food, which includes tater tots, because as we all know Luke is a food genius who will cook for them.

Throughout the trailer we see just about every character from Stars Hollow that we’ve grown to love including Kirk at Friday Night Dinner (we know, it makes no sense), Sookie making food, Jess talking to Rory about her future, Taylor calling a dumb town meeting and more.

Stars Hollow characters everywhere, coffee cups galore and “three generations, two girls and one town,” what more could you want?

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life premieres on Netflix on November 25