‘Shaun The Sheep’ Is Officially Getting A Sequel

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Shaun the Sheep is heading back to the big screen and all the clay figurines in the world couldn’t express how excited we are about it.

The studios behind the first movie — Aardman and Studiocanal — announced on Tuesday that they’re teaming up once again for a Shaun the Sheep Movie sequel, Entertainment Weekly reports.

The fact that the animated film was nominated for an Oscar for its awesomeness had us hoping there would be a revival featuring the adorable clay sheep some day and now we know it’s actually going to happen.

“Aardman is partnering with StudioCanal once again to produce another rip-roaring comedy, featuring Shaun and the rest of the gang in a story that takes them to even greater heights of lunacy,” co-founder and executive chairman at Aardman, David Sproxton, said in the announcement that Entertainment Weekly reported.

In the first movie adaptation of the successful TV series, Shaun got into some trouble in the Big City and had to get his flock back to the farm safely. This time around we’re hoping for maybe an adventure at sea or maybe a battle of the sheep with a rival farm.

“Shaun’s move to the big screen proved such a success with audiences around the world that he and the flock are very excited to be embarking on another big screen adventure,” Sproxton continued in the statement.

Shaun the Sheep Movie was a major success, grossing $108 million worldwide and earning an Academy Award nomination for Best Animated Feature. No wonder it’s getting a follow-up story!

The sequel is set to begin filming in January 2017 and will have both director Richard Starzak, and producer Paul Kewley returning from the original movie.

Now that you know Shaun is coming back, what do you hope to see from the sheep and his friends in the next film?