‘Castle’ Star Stana Katic Might Be Returning To TV Soon

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Castle fans, rejoice! Stana Katic might be back on your TV soon!

Deadline reports that the actress is currently in talks to star in an upcoming crime thriller called Absentia.

the 10-episode straight-to-series drama is based on a pilot script originally penned by Gaia Violo, but is currently being written and executive produced by South Beach creator Matthew Cirulnick.

The upcoming series will find Katic playing an FBI agent who mysteriously disappears while tracking down a one of Boston’s deadliest serial killers. The agent is declared dead, only to be found six years later in a cabin in the woods with no memories of what went down during the years she was gone. Things take a turn when the agent returns home and winds up being implicated in a series of murders.

Katic won us all over for her portrayal of Kate Beckett on ABC’s Castle, but we’re definitely excited to see her take on a new and exciting role. Given the circumstances surrounding her character, we expect the series will be chock-full of suspenseful moments and we can’t wait to tune in!

Absentia is set to begin filming sometimes next year, and viewers can expect to see it make its grand debut in 2017 on AXN’s worldwide channels.

There’s currently no word yet no where the show will make its home in the US, but we’re hoping that we’ll find out where we can tune in to watch soon!