See Jack Bauer’s Successor In Action In The Latest ’24: Legacy’ Trailer

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The official trailer for 24: Legacy is finally here and it’s definitely not what you’d expect. Okay, maybe it is what you’d expect, but we’re still reeling from all of its intense action sequences.

On Tuesday, Fox released the new trailer for the 24 spinoff series, 24: Legacy, which has the same kick-butt style as 24, minus Jack Bauer. Yes, it’s true, Jack Bauer won’t be on this new show, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still root for a guest appearance by Kiefer Sutherland in the future.

As for this action-packed show, the trailer promises lots of fighting, political issues and lifesaving moments thanks to Bauer’s replacement – or the new Jack Bauer as we like to call him – Eric Carter.

“Whatever you think you know about me, you don’t!” Carter, who is played by Corey Hawkins, says as the teaser begins. This sentence instantly hooks you into watching more and it definitely left us needing more details.

What we do know from the trailer is that Eric Carter is a former Army Ranger, who is pretty much the government’s only hope at keeping America safe from terrorist attacks on U.S. soil. He is strong, intense and doesn’t back down from a challenge.

“I’m the only one I can trust,” he tells his wife (Nicole Carter played by Anna Diop) as he begins to go on secret missions and fight for not just his life, but the lives of every American.

Meanwhile it’s clear that there is someone inside the White House working with the terrorists, so there’s that added amount of suspense throughout the clip.

The series will also star Miranda Otto as Rebecca Ingram, who is the former CTU head and the direct supervisor of all of Eric’s ventures. Plus, Jimmy Smits plays Rebecca’s husband and presidential hopeful, John Donovan.

24: Legacy premieres on Fox after the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 5 and continues Monday, Feb. 6.