New ‘Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life’ Photo Teases Paris Geller’s Future

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We finally have a sneak peek at what Paris Geller’s life might entail in the upcoming Gilmore Girls revival!

On Wednesday, one day after the Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life trailer was released, Netflix delivered another preview of what’s to come in the new four-part series. This time, however, it was a clue about Paris Geller.

Paris, who is played by Liza Weil, was Rory Gilmore’s archenemy in high school and eventual best friend in college, and we’ve always had a soft spot for her. Last time we saw Paris, she was graduating from Yale with Rory and the two ladies were creating their career boards as they were deciding what to do with their lives.

The blonde, straight-laced character decided at the end of the series that she was going to attend medical school instead of going to law school, which was one of her other options. There is now a hint at her future based on a new photo of a door, that reads, “Paris Geller” on it, which leaves us with more questions than answers.


“Face it. Her name was destined to be on a door. #GilmoreGirls #AYearintheLife,” the caption stated on the Gilmore Girls’ official Instagram.

Yes, Paris was always destined for greatness and her name should definitely be on a door, but this door looks a lot more like a law office than a doctor’s door, which means Paris would’ve changed her mind and left medical school for law school!

Or, maybe she is a teacher? We could totally see her as a professor, or a lawyer, or even a heart surgeon. Yes, we know those are all very different from one another, but you know Paris could handle doing all of them.

If you watch the trailer again, you can spot Paris at Chilton, her old high school, which has us leaning towards something in academics for the smartie-pants. In fact, she could be the new headmistress!


What do you think Paris is doing now?

Tune into Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life when it premieres on Netflix on November 25, 2016 to find out what Paris is actually up to as well as what the rest of the characters have done since we last saw them.