Niall Horan Would Literally Rather Drink A Salmon Smoothie Than Diss A Member Of One Direction

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It’s usually a good time for Niall Horan when he stops by The Late Late Show with James Corden, but his most recent visit ended with him drinking a disgusting concoction.

The “This Time” singer appeared on the late-night talk show on Wednesday and played a rowdy game of “Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts,” and things got weird, fast.

Corden told him that if he didn’t answer the questions posed then he and Isla Fisher, who was also a guest on the show and Horan’s partner in the game, would have to take a swig of the chunky salmon smoothie, which is disgusting, but there were way more gross items like scorpion or bird saliva on the table as well, so technically it wasn’t the worst option.

“Who is your least favorite member of One Direction?” Corden asked and then immediately started laughing.

Horan took a second before making his decision.

“I’m trying to help Isla here,” Horan said as he considered saying one of the lads’ names so they wouldn’t have to drink. Isla however, advised him to drink the smoothie to save him.

“For future life I think I’ll go with this,” Horan finally said. “Cheers!” Fisher said before taking a spoonful. She then immediately spit it out and it got in her hair. It was so gross!

“It’s not so much the taste as the texture. It’s like having a salmon yogurt,” Horan admitted. Ah, poor Niall.

Although it was totally gross, we’re happy Horan didn’t rat out one of his former bandmates, because that would’ve been bad for everyone.