Will ‘That’s So Raven’s’ Chelsea Join Raven In The Spinoff? Here’s What The Actress Said About A Reunion Last Year (Interview)

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With the news of a That’s So Raven sequel series breaking today (Oct. 27), we’re wondering which original cast members will be coming along for the ride.

While there’s no official word yet on who from the original series will be joining Raven-Symoné (who will executive produce and reprise her role as Raven Baxter) in the spinoff, when we spoke with Anneliese van der Pol (who played Raven’s BFF Chelsea Daniels) last year after her debut concert at Fenstein’s/54 Below in NYC, she told us she “misses how silly” her character was and how she’s totally game for a reunion. Seems like a spinoff series could be the perfect place for that to happen!

“Hands down,” van der Pol said about wanting to a do a reunion. “I pray all the time, really. It was great, I’d do anything to get it back.”

With the new Disney Channel series on its way, we’re seeing a good chance for a TSR reunion your future, Anneliese!

The hit series may have ended nine years ago, but it’s not as out of the blue as you might think that Symoné would help put together a That’ So Raven sequel. She helped orchestrate for her former cast members to join her on The View last year, for one. For two, after hearing from van der Pol about Raven’s endless love for the series, it makes total sense!

“She’s [Raven-Symoné’s] really proud of That’s So Raven,” the 32-year-old actress said. “She’s proud of her work in the show. As she should be. I think that’s actually her biggest proud moment out of all the plethora of work she’s done.”

Well, now she gets to return to her proudest moment, bringing back Raven Baxter as a divorced mother of two. That’s one big character change. We can only imagine that the rest of the characters will probably be in *very* different places if/when a reunion happens, as well.

And as of last year, it seems van der Pol thinks her character might be in a relatively similar situation to Raven’s.

“I think she’d be probably doing some humanitarian work right now,”van der Pol guessed about Chelsea’s current whereabouts. “She’d probably be married. And I think she’d have children. And probably a book club. And really just be doing good things around the world. Maybe even having a cooking show of health food.”

Hold up, husband? Did Chelsea finally give Cory (played by Kyle Massey) a chance after all these years? Don’t get too excited (or angry) because, according to Van Der Pol, that isn’t very likely.

“No, no,” she said about a Cory/Chelsea relationship. “No, she’s classy.”

Sorry Cory, some things never change. Try again in another nine years?

In the meantime, let’s just rewatch Raven and Anneliese singing the That’s So Raven theme song live for the first time last year, over and over again. Deal? Deal.


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